‘A new way to communicate’ – tele marketing blog

tele marketing is back.

With the launch of a new website, Tele Marketing Labs, Tela’s Market Fairmount, and a new video series, ‘A New Way to Communicate’, the marketer is getting the latest advice and inspiration from a wide range of experts.

‘A lot of the advice we get is from different parts of the market and different sectors,’ Tela founder and CEO James Houghton says.

‘We have been working on this for two years and we are finally ready to bring it to the market.’

A few years ago, Tella launched its own website Tele Marketing Tips, which included the advice of a number of industry experts, including Tele Marketing Association chief executive Tony McAlpine, TeleMarketing.com founder and executive director Peter Wootton, Telemarketing and Advertising Agency chief executive David Copley, and former CEO of Telstra Communications, Steve Bresnan.

But now the launch is the first of its kind and the company is hoping to attract more and more people from all over the world.

‘The people that have been following us for a while now, they are the people that are looking to improve their business, they want to make better decisions, and they want advice on how to improve,’ Mr Houghston says.

The Telemarketive website features advice on the best tactics for landing a job, and how to market effectively in the market.

Telemarketor, the new telemarketing app, has been a huge hit among the business community, with customers using it to find work, meet with potential employers and organise interviews.

Mr Hougton says that the popularity of the site is partly due to its accessibility, with users able to search for work, hire a customer or make an appointment for an interview.

‘There’s really been a very strong growth in the business of telemarketive and the business is growing very quickly, and that is why it is a great opportunity for the company,’ Mr McAlpeny says.

Telemarketing.co.nz and the Telstra Marketing Network are also working hard to get more people into telemarketives, with both of these platforms offering free telemarketiving courses.

The New Zealand Telemarketives Network launched last year, with the aim of giving students the skills and knowledge they need to get jobs.

TeleMarketers and Marketing Network’s first course, Telemarketer: The Business of Telemarketiving and the Business of Marketing, is free for all students to take.

‘What we are doing is we are providing people with the skills they need and the knowledge to take on a job that they think is a good fit,’ Mr Copleys says.

Mr Coughton adds that the course provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about the different types of job opportunities in the industry.

‘For example, in a market like New Zealand, where we have a shortage of telephone engineers, we need to look for people with telemarketic skills, and there are lots of people who have that skill.’

What you will learn is how to find that person, how to build that person up, how they work, how the market can be manipulated by the market, how you can make a good return for yourself.’

The course is also designed to help business owners get more out of their telemarketor platform, with tips on how they can build their brand, create a relationship with customers, and increase the value of their business.

‘It’s not about finding a particular company that is right for you, it’s about finding an appropriate opportunity for you to grow your business, and to do that, you need to be successful in the telemarketoring market,’ Mr Bresnnys says in the course.

The second course, telemarketer: The Role of the Telemarketer, offers advice on everything from how to approach a potential customer, to how to choose a suitable interview date, and much more.

‘If you look at the market today, it is dominated by telemarketors, so we want to help you become a telemarketori and not just a telemarketer,’ Mr Wootts says.