Black Market Telemarketing Service Launched For $1.75 per Call

Telos, a provider of online retailing services, is launching a mobile-based mobile-to-mobile telemarketing service, Telos Black Market, for $1,75 per call.

The service, which Telos has launched with the help of Telemarketo, will let customers call up any telesales company and order an item for a specific price without any additional charges.

Telos CEO Steve Rastetter told Mashable Telos wants to make its platform more user-friendly and more accessible to new and established telesale businesses.

Telesales services like Telesurvey and Telesure have been available for years, but Telos is offering a new way to get your business back in the door.

“This is really a new model that we have been working on for years.

We want to bring our customers into our ecosystem and make it easier to work with them,” Rastet said.

Telus CEO John Stephens said the new TelosBlack Market app will help Telos clients get a better understanding of their business and help them reach the right people.

“You’re not going to find a better experience than calling a Telos reseller and ordering from them,” Stephens said.

For a $25 credit, customers can place a call to any Telos seller in their area and get an item shipped within 30 days, and Telos will also provide a $20 shipping fee for items that arrive on the same day.

“Customers will see a price and a delivery estimate that’s much better than what they see online, but also they’ll get their money back within 30 minutes of ordering,” Ristetter said.

The Telos app has an interactive map and pricing map, along with a handy online shopping cart that shows where items are being sold and what prices are on sale.

The app will also help Telus customers identify the best Telos sellers and offer them discounts to help them make more efficient purchasing decisions.

The company said Telos users can also create a custom listing and link it to their Telos account, and then they can easily order items for a call and a payment.

Telsales companies like Telus are seeing a surge in demand from telesurveys and online shopping websites like eBay and Amazon, as well as a need for more convenient and cost-effective online shopping.

Rastett said Telesursures and TeliosBlack Market will be a great place to get started in Telos’ Black Market ecosystem, and he believes they will become an important part of Telos’s business.

“It is a great opportunity to be able to leverage the technology of Telesurus and Telisurvey to deliver our customers more value, faster and more efficiently,” Raster said.