How to block telas ads on the web

Telstra’s latest ads are taking the place of ads on its website, but some advertisers have been blocking the telas website as well.

The telas web portal is still accessible through the telesales application on the Telstra website, and the telescreen can still be used.

The telas portal has not been blocked, but the telaservers ads have been removed.

Some Telstra websites and apps are still accessible, including,, and which is the telsales app.

The Telstra homepage remains accessible and shows a page with an ad blocking notice on the right hand side.

The Telstra telas app remains accessible.

Some telas apps are also accessible through a link in the telasecret app.

It appears that some Telstra customers are also blocking ads on other Telstra apps including and

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has told Telstra that it needs to remove ads on those apps.

The ACCC has been contacted for comment.