How to find a job online: How to make it as a telas agent

Telas, the largest telecommunications provider in Australia, is hoping to lure more people into the digital world by offering job opportunities to job seekers via its mobile app.

However, it has come up against opposition from unions, employers and consumer groups who argue the company should be more open about the role it plays in the recruitment process.

The telas app is free and offers job listings from across the company’s networks, including Telstra, Optus and Essendon.

In a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Australian Federation of Independent Business (AFIB) argues the company has been overly aggressive in recruiting job seekers and not given enough time to consider what jobs they want to apply for.

AFIB national secretary Richard Denniss said the company was not providing enough information to jobseekers, who had to fill in forms and fill out job application forms, and it failed to adequately explain its role in the employment process.

“The Telstra mobile app has been designed to recruit people, but it is not open and accessible to job candidates and there is no information about the job opportunities Telstra is offering,” Mr Dennis said.

Mr Denny, from the AFL-CIO, said the app was too narrow and did not allow for job seekers to be more than 15 per cent of the company workforce.

He said it also did not give job seekers a clear understanding of the job they were applying for and how long they would be on the job, adding that many applicants were turned away due to the fact that Telstra did not make it clear when a job would be available.

“We would be happy to see Telstra open its mobile application to job applicants, but that would not be a good enough reason for the company to not provide information to people about their job opportunities,” Mr O’Dwyer said.

Telas should provide the information they need to help job seekers find employment.” “

That should be the job of the government, not the telas company.

Telas should provide the information they need to help job seekers find employment.”

Telstra has previously stated that the app is open to anyone aged 18 or over, and people who are job seekers should apply through the app.

“Telstra will open up its mobile applications to job-seekers and offer them a range of options, including full employment opportunities and paid employment opportunities,” Telstra spokesperson Ben Wright said in a statement.

“Job seekers can find the right opportunity through our app or through a phone interview, where they can make an appointment for the position they want, or choose a job in a Telstra store.”

Telas says the app allows job seekers “to work alongside a Telas team member and help them to build their career, gain experience and apply for new roles.”

However, some job seekers, including the AFL Players’ Association (APA), have also raised concerns that the application process was too lengthy and did little to explain how the job would work.

The union has been working with Telas on the issue, and said the application system could be improved.

“It’s a big challenge to get job seekers through the application, and not have a clear idea of what they’re looking for,” Mr Wright said.