How to get an answer on telas prices

Telas, the world’s largest telecommunications company, has announced that it will begin a 30-day auction on April 10 to raise the price of some services.

The auction is part of a plan by the company to raise about $2.3 billion for its $30 billion acquisition of Brazilian rival Telenor.

The company said it would auction off the services that it calls telesales.

Those services include mobile telephony, internet, broadband and cable services.

There are also discounts for consumers in some regions and for certain services that can be purchased separately.

Telesales and marketing The telesale market has been around for years.

There is no set fee for this service, but the company charges a 5 percent commission.

That includes a 5-percent mark-up on the amount that customers pay.

The average customer pays about $1.20 per call, with some calling it a mark-down.

Telesale prices tend to be higher in the United States, but this may be changing.

There, telesas can be as expensive as $0.50 per call or $1 per call.

In Europe, where prices are often cheaper, the average price of telesase is about $0 and the mark-ups vary.

Telecommunications companies like Telesales have been a staple of the internet industry for decades.

The cost of telasales and salespeople to make them are still relatively cheap, making them a crucial part of the infrastructure of many large companies.

Telesale services include telephone calls, faxes, email, voice calls and video conferencing.