How to get the best telas deal on the cheap

Telas has announced that it will stop selling iPhones and iPads to customers who have a minimum purchase of $2,500, as well as replacing the devices with cheaper phones.

The company also says it will increase the cost of its cheaper phones by $1,000 per month.

It’s a big move from the telas that is widely known for selling cheap phones to people with poor credit histories and has struggled to attract new customers in recent years.

Telas was already the world’s second largest telas provider by revenue in 2015.

Its iPhone deal is a big blow to rival Apple, which sells more phones per capita than telas.

The deal is also a big deal for the US, which has more than 20 million iPhone users, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

While the company’s decision has not been entirely welcomed by some customers, it is likely to save it some money.

The move comes a week after Telas cut the price of its $200 plan by 10 per cent, to $2.99 a month.

The move has helped Telas beat out rival US carrier T-Mobile, which had previously been the biggest telas player in the US market.

In a blog post, Telas said the move was to “bring more people into Telas and to further expand our service offerings in Australia”.

“We’re thrilled to be able to expand our Telas service offerings to more Australians.

It’s not just for the Telas users who have been asking for affordable smartphone and tablet choices,” Telas CEO and founder Tony Fernandes said in a statement.

“We’re also looking forward to providing more affordable services for those who already subscribe to Telas.

Telas’ new customers will now be able access our extensive phone, tablet and video service, and we will continue to provide the best phone, mobile and internet service to our customers, no matter where they are in Australia.”

Telos has also added a few other perks to its cheaper phone and tablet plan: it’s now offering $500 credit to existing customers who buy a phone with the $1.99 price tag; and Telas will no longer sell the cheaper phones at discount prices, so that they’re cheaper to buy for customers who already have a Telas account.

“The telas network will continue its current price structure with the same pricing and promotional rates as the existing Telas plans,” Teles said.

Fernandes said Telas would continue to offer unlimited voice calls, text messages and video, and would add other “unique” perks for existing customers.

This is the second time Telas customers have been offered the chance to save money with the company.

Teles introduced a free iPhone for its current customers earlier this year.

According to data from research firm Telefonica, Telos customers have the third-highest average monthly bill in Australia, with an average of $6,500.