How to use the Google Search bar in Samsung devices

Tethering is becoming more and more common among smartphone users, but some Android and iOS devices are still stuck in the past.

Here’s how to use a tap on the home screen or navigation bar to switch to the Google search bar.

Tether The Home Screen Tap the search bar to open the Google app.

Tap the menu button and choose ‘Tether your device’.

Now tap the Tether button and you’re ready to use your Samsung phone or tablet on any Wi-Fi network.

This will allow you to use Wi-fi networks you don’t have a tethering connection with, or tether with a device that you already own.

You can also use this option to tether your Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 if you have the phone connected to a WiFi network with tethering.

If you’re tethering your device with a VPN, you’ll need to enable the VPN for it to work.

Once the TETHER option is enabled, tap the search box again to open up the Google home screen.

From here, tap on Settings to enable ‘Advanced options’.

You’ll be asked to tap on ‘Network’ and choose the Wi-Fares you want to connect to.

If your network has multiple tiers, you may need to change the first number to your desired network.

If the number is a single digit, you can tap on that number to change to the next tier.

Tap on the TELNET option to change which networks your phone connects to, and then tap on TETHRUE to start tethering to your chosen network.

You’ll then need to re-enable the TETH option to connect your device to the network.

It will also take some time to reconnect.

TELnet will now begin connecting your device, and you’ll see an option to ‘Set a password’.

Choose it and enter a unique code to unlock your phone and the network from your device.

TETHUE will now re-connect your device and you can now use your phone as if it were still connected to your Wi-FI network.