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There are three essential components to the structure of a home: the foundation, the walls, and the roof. Each one is dependent on the other and is not whole unless you put them together to create a house. The roof is important because it provides shelter. It shuts out the water from the rain, the cold winds, the snow in the winter time, and the sun during the hot summer months. Being that this piece of your home is so important, it is equally as important to perform regular maintenance checks on your roof, even if it is brand new.

Most people think that a new roof means it would take many seasons to pass before it starts to have any problems, but that simply is not true. Although an older roof composed of aged materials is more susceptible to developing leaks, a new or fairly new roof can still get leaks. Even the most thorough roof jobs can give away to the harsh weather changes.

Do a thorough check up on your roof annually or once every six months, and preferably before the winter months that bring rain and snow. Not checking a flawed roof before the winter arrives is bound to cause your more headache, hassle, and money because you will not only have to repair or have the roof repaired, but you will also be battling with the elements.

When going up on your roof, make sure you wear the proper clothing. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, gloves, and boots with good traction. Wearing shoes that are inappropriate for handy jobs might cause you to slip, fall, and cause damage to both the roof and your body. Make sure you only step where the rafters are because those provide the most support. Stepping anywhere else can weaken the support on the roof and actually promote breakage.

If you happen upon loose shingles, then determine if it has caused any leaks inside your home and then fix it immediately. If it has caused any leaking in your attic, then you will need to dry that up as soon as possible to hinder the development of mold. Mold might be a good thing to find in a natural environment, but it is never a good thing when it starts growing indoors.

While you are up there, clear your roof of any debris, no matter how little or big. You can also clear out your gutters of any debris. When your gutters are full and water starts to accumulate, that adds on weight to the gutters and can actually cause them to weaken and collapse. Plus, the build up of water can leak into the edges of your roof and get you’re your attic. Check for any holes and repair those immediately.

Adyan Corkern is a writer for water damage atlanta and water damage miami.