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The October 5th hail storm ravished the Phoenix Area with one of the strongest hail storms on record. The damage is still being discovered throughout the state of Arizona.
The damage areas may extend from Peoria to Mesa Az, of course much of the damage is marginal. The damage is not just houses, but also business’s, churches, and cars. Damage still being found includes broken windows, Busted skylights, AC problems, and Roofing issues.
The roofing issues are not just leaking which most people think that is the only problem you need to worry about. Even then, I have run across homeowners with leaks that say they did the repairs themselves because they didn’t know the insurance company would pay to fix the damage.
It is important to note that even if your roof doesn’t leak now, you should still have it inspected, because the integrity of the roof may be compromised because of the storm and actually not leak until sometime in the future.
Wind damage is another possible concern to homeowners in the Phoenix Az area. If shingles are blown off that could easily cause a leak. But shingles do not have to be blown completely off, they may just have their corners flipped up so they no longer seal. This will cause wind driven rain to enter under the shingle for possible future leaks.
If you haven’t had your roof checked out, You may want to get a professional out there soon. Most companies, such as Poynor Roofing do courtesy inspections for free.
Do a little research before you commit to a company to make sure you know what kind of company is going to be putting on your roof. Remember that if the roof is warrantied and the company is hard to deal with before they build the job, what do you think it will be like if you have future warranty issues? A good company to work with now, will most likely be a good company to work with tomorrow.

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