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Poynor Roofing has been helping homeowners repair a lot of storm damage recently. There storm damaged many of the homes in the Phoenix area. Some of the cities affected by the recent storm include: Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and most of the entire Valley area.
There was a tremendous storm swath that moved thought the Phoenix area. Hail storms are a normal event in nature but not a routine event. Many areas will go years in between hail storms, sometimes even decades between hail storms.
Part of the reason most homes go years in between hail storms is because they tend to be very small bursts of hail. This recent storm is not a normal storm in that it was such an enormous storm. The path of the storm was really way beyond what is normally witnessed.
Not only was the Storm path incredibly large but it went through the Phoenix metro area. Few Hail storms on record reach the magnitude of the October one, but even if they do they usually are not as destructive. If the storm would have hit 20 miles north, east, or south there would have been relatively little damage. But the storm hit the Entire Phoenix area to some degree.
Poynor Roofing Fixes Wind Damage
The storm not only brought hail with it, but it also brought wind. There are a lot of home that suffered not only hail damage, but also missing and lifted shingles. There are some homes that have entire sections of rolled roofing blown up and detached from their houses.
Recently one homeowner fell through their roof trying to nail down his rolled roofing. The corner section of his flat roof had blown up and he thought he would fix it himself. Its good to protect the investment of your home, but make sure you know what you are doing.
Poynor Roofing Helps Homeowners

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