Tata is getting a new telos Digital Marketing team

Tata’s digital marketing team is getting the axe.

The company announced on Tuesday that it is laying off a number of senior executives and will be re-shuffling its senior team.

The layoffs come as it attempts to diversify its digital strategy and focus on its core business, which includes the telcos digital strategy.

The decision follows a recent report that Tata’s Chief Executive Officer, M K Mittal, is preparing to take the helm of a new digital strategy initiative that will include an effort to grow and diversify Tata’s e-commerce business.

This comes after Mittal and the company’s other senior executives announced plans for a major restructuring in the next year.

The reorganization, which will see the restructuring of Tata’s IT business, will also see the elimination of its media arm.

Tata said it will also be taking steps to streamline its digital and communications businesses, including reducing the size of its team.

Mittal told a conference call with analysts on Tuesday, “We are going to make the change to consolidate and accelerate our digital strategy,” as the company looks to streamlines its operations.

“The digital transformation will take place across the board and will help us move faster to deliver our customers value and deliver the services they want,” he said.

Tata is looking to diversifying its digital operations in the wake of a recent restructuring of its IT business that has resulted in the departure of several senior employees, including Mittal.

“I think this is going to be the most challenging transformation in the last two to three years,” Mittal said.

The telco has said it plans to streamlining its digital operation, but that this may not happen without a substantial reorganization.

Mittel said the company would also “be moving our media arm, our digital operations, to a more modern structure, and we will do this in a way that it can support its digital ambitions.”