Telas market: Telas ltDA wants to open its first restaurant in Australia

Telas is looking to open a new location in Melbourne’s Telesco district as part of its ambitious expansion plans.

Key points:Telas is aiming to have at least 50 restaurants in the country by 2020Telas has been considering opening more than 20 locationsA Telas board member said it would be open in Melbourne by 2020The telas board is to decide on its future business model, which would be based on its existing customersTelas chairman David Threlfall told reporters on Friday that the telas group will soon make a decision about whether it should expand into Melbourne.

“We have been looking at different opportunities and there is a lot of interest,” he said.

“So the board will be in touch with us in the next few days.”

Telas had been considering expanding into Melbourne, but was forced to drop plans due to the collapse of its global telco operations in China and the global financial crisis.

“It was not our intention to expand into the market that is in Melbourne, because it would have been too expensive,” Mr Threflall said.

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