Telas markets ‘smart’ apps that track user behaviour, track location, and even track users’ movements without their knowledge

Telas has unveiled an app that can track users behaviour across multiple platforms.

The telco said its “smart” Telas Market app can track the location of users across multiple devices, including iPhones and Android devices, and allows users to choose what applications and services are shown on the screen.

It can also see when users are on different devices, how much they spend on the app, and whether they are logged into the app.

Users can choose whether to receive alerts or notifications when the app is open, whether the app has been downloaded and whether it is running, Telas said.

The telcos app also has a dedicated app for customers who want to view their data in real-time.

This includes the usage of apps such as Google Maps and Yelp, and the location data of customers.

There are also options for users to opt-out of the app from Telas data collection.

Telas Market is only available to customers who use Telas mobile phone, tablet or computer.

“Telas is committed to providing customers with the highest level of privacy and security available,” Telas marketing director James Tapp said.

What’s more, Teles mobile apps are not linked to any data collection or data collection activity.

Its data is collected on users’ mobile devices and not connected to any other apps or data, according to Telas.

Tapp said the Telas apps can also provide users with more granular data than the apps of other telcos, including information on when users have visited the apps and which apps they have used.

Data collected is then used by Telas for marketing purposes, such as marketing, advertising, and sales, Telascans chief marketing officer Paul Dolan said. 

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