Telstra has a $100 million cash injection to bolster network performance

Telstra’s cash injection of $100m into the network will see it spend on new fibre-to-the-node networks.

The company said on Tuesday that it had secured $100M in cash from Telstra for the next three years.

This comes in the wake of a number of negative press headlines about the network over the past few months.

It comes after the telco recently announced it would be selling the majority of its assets, including its satellite and fibre-optic network.

Telstra said that the cash injection was part of a “cash flow-generating programme”.

It said that it would “continue to work with the Government on the NBN and ensure the network is delivering the network customers expect, while also enhancing its ability to provide its services to new and existing customers”.

Telstra’s network was previously criticised for poor quality and reliability and a number other complaints about the rollout.