What you need to know about telas’s deal to sell telas to Telstra

Telstra has reached an agreement to sell the company’s voice and video voice services to the Chinese telas operator, Telas Communications.

The deal is subject to regulatory approval, the company said.

Telas will take over Telstra’s telecommunications business and is one of the biggest Chinese telecommunications companies.

Under the deal, Telis communications assets including Vodafone’s video voice and internet services, Telstra and the telecommunications operator will merge into one entity.

The company’s existing telas services will be consolidated with the Telas Media Networks (TMMN) group, Teleservices and Telas’s existing voice and data services will merge with Telas Broadband Networks (TBN).TBAThe deal will see Telas acquire Telstra Wireless and its assets including its video voice service.

The acquisition is subject not only to regulatory approvals but also to regulatory consent from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Telas already owns and operates some of the world’s largest telecommunications networks, including its broadband infrastructure and voice services.