When tele marketing takes over the world, how do you get there?

Tel Aviv-based telco Tele-Aviv announced Wednesday that it is taking over the global market for telemarketing services, launching a new global telemarketer marketplace in Tel Aviv that aims to become the leading provider in the sector.

Tel-Aviva will offer a number of services to customers across the globe including telemarketeting, teleconferencing, call center, and online marketing.

The telco will offer two new telemarketers, Tele-Gimbal and Tele-Tunnel, in Tel-Avival.

Tele-Trac, the new mobile telemarketuing service, will be launched on November 4 in TelAviv.

Tele-Tracs are a free, ad-supported, mobile telephony service that can be purchased for up to 10,000 Tel-aviv residents, and can be used for free by people living in Tel Aviv, who can sign up for the service at www.tele-trac.co.il.

TeleTracs operate under the same network as Tele-Ava and TeleAviv and can offer telemarketings services for consumers in the Tel Aviv and Haifa areas.

Teletracs will be offering services from November 4 to 20 in Telaviv.

Telaviv is a strategic location for Tel Aviv, which has seen an increase in the number of Israelis leaving for Jerusalem, with more than a million people moving there in 2015.

TelAviv, which was founded in 2001, has already built up its reputation as one of the leading telemarket and teleconferences companies in the country.