Which Indian telcos will dominate the Indian mobile market in the next 12 months?

In India, it’s telecom service providers, not telcos themselves, who control most of the telco spectrum and control the telcos’ business models.

And unlike in Europe, where the government regulates the industry to some extent, in India, the government has no control over telecom services.

That means the companies can’t compete in the market.

The Indian government has also banned foreign telcos from owning spectrum in India.

That’s why India’s two largest telecom operators, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications, are leading the field of mobile service providers in India right now.

That includes Bhartis Airtels’ network in rural India, Reliance’s in urban India, and Airtime’s network in the capital, New Delhi.

The two have also started to compete in data, and have recently announced plans to launch their own data services as well.

The stakes for these companies are high.

In the coming months, the telecoms industries will have to find ways to stay competitive.

Reliance, which has had its own data network since 2007, is also likely to dominate data in India in the near term.

And Bharties AirtEL is already leading the market in voice, which is the backbone of voice and data services in India today.