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Business Insider/David PogueTela is a new company offering mobile-delivery service to customers in New York City, with its first product being the UberX car service.

Tela, which launched in May, allows riders to pay a fee to get a car from a Tela location and drop it off to a waiting UberX driver.

The car is then driven to the destination and the rider picks up the tab, as well as a $20 tip.

It is not yet clear how many people have used the app.

The company, which started out offering taxi services in New Jersey, is one of several companies that have begun to expand to cities with a robust mobile market.

Uber is also looking to expand its footprint in the New York area.

The other big players in the market are a new app called Flywheel, which has attracted a ton of attention in the last couple of months, and a startup called Shrink, which also has been gaining traction.