Why a fashion designer’s dress is not a fashion statement

The fashion market is booming, but is it a fashion trend? 

In many cases, no. 

“If you go to any fashion show and you see a dress that’s been made in India and the Indian designers have used that same material, that’s a trend,” says Sharmila Vaidyanathan, a senior fashion consultant and the author of the book, The Fashion Trade Secrets.

“But if the designers have taken the material from a foreign country and made it in India, that could be a fashion label.

The difference is, the labels are not being sold as clothing. 

In India, the fashion industry is dominated by foreign brands like Gucci, Prada, Versace, and even some of the big players like Louis Vuitton and Louis Vuze.”

Vaidyanath says that there is a real sense of exclusivity and that many designers choose to focus on their own brands and focus on making a living.

“I don’t see a fashion industry where a designer is going to be making a lot of money off of the clothes they make,” she says.

“It’s going to go to a higher end company or an individual.

It’s going be about making money from a business perspective.”

The fashion industry in India has been going through a huge upheaval over the past decade.

It has seen a boom in luxury brands and the popularity of imported fashion. 

The rise of the luxury fashion industry has been attributed to India’s booming fashion scene and an influx of foreign brands.

The number of Indian brands on the fashion scene has exploded, with Gucci and H&M, for example, coming to India in recent years.

Vaidya says there is now a demand for Indian designer-owned brands that are locally owned, as well as Indian designers who have expertise in the Indian market.

“This is a very vibrant industry, and there’s a lot to learn about it,” she explains.

“For a designer to be able to make a living in this industry, it needs to be a global brand that has a global footprint.

The world of fashion is expanding at a faster rate than the fashion world.

So the brands that do well in this market need to be global brands.”

While the fashion market in India is booming with a huge influx of brands, the lack of a viable fashion brand in the country is a concern for many.

Vaidya believes there is an untapped market for a fashion brand that can create a global presence.

“The market is very strong and there is plenty of opportunity,” she said.

“There is a lot more that could exist for brands that can go beyond their existing global footprint.”

The lack of fashion brands in the market is a big issue for the fashion community. 

A large number of fashion companies have stopped focusing on making clothes domestically and started producing items online.

This has resulted in the fashion sector in India not having a cohesive style.

“There is not enough diversity of brands and there isn’t enough diversity in terms of brands in this space,” says Vaidy.

“The brands in India that do exist and are well-known are not creating anything of value in the marketplace.”