Why Telemarketing companies are spending millions on advertising and promotions

The amount spent on advertising, promotional materials and other digital marketing for Telemarketor and Telesource is now at over $20 billion a year, according to data released by the telcos.

Telesources data shows the telas market grew by 4.6 per cent in 2017, reaching $2.6 billion.

The average annual spending on advertising by telas was $1.3 billion.

Telesources figures show that Telesourced spent $2,500 per user on advertising in 2017.

The amount of spending on digital marketing by Telessource was $0.8 billion, or just 0.6% of the total.

Telas has the largest advertising spend per user in the telesources market.

Telas sources data shows that Telas sourced $2 million per day in advertising in 2016, while the amount spent in digital marketing was just $9,000 per day.

The total amount spent by Telas on advertising for the year was $18 million.