Why Telemarketing has become a profitable business

Telas has been one of the fastest growing telesales companies in India, but its future looks uncertain after a deal was struck with Reliance Communications, which bought the telesale firm’s assets. 

In a bid to strengthen the company, Reliance purchased Telas Market for a whopping Rs 4,300 crore. 

The deal also included an investment of $2.5 billion in the telas market. 

Since then, Telesales has become the biggest category for telcos, with the telcos controlling 70% of the market.

However, recent reports suggest that Telas market is going into a tailspin, and it is likely that Telesales market could soon face the threat of being shut down. 

According to a report by The Times of India, The telas business is likely to see a slowdown due to the reliance acquisition, but the company is not expecting the downturn to last very long. 

“We are confident of continuing to grow the business and to continue to deliver value to the customers,” Telias General Manager and President Jitendra Singh told The Times of Indian. 

Telisales have been around for years, but it has been growing at an incredible rate. 

From 2005 to 2019, Telas grew by 20% annually, according to the data from industry body, Telecom Research and Intelligence. 

Currently, Telesale market is worth about $30 billion.

The Telas Market has been owned by Reliance since 2015. 

It is one of the largest telas markets in the country, accounting for 80% of India’s total telas revenue, and 70% of the countrys total wholesale market.

Telesale is a business where companies sell their products and services to customers. 

These companies also make money from their resellers, who sell products and/or services to the customers. 

ATelas market was established by the merger of Teles and Reliance in 2005. 

With the merger, the two companies had a market share of almost 60% in the market, and they had a total of a whopping $30,000 million in revenue. 

Now, Relias acquisition of Telasa has put a crimp in the Telas market. 

This is because the merger could result in Telas being the biggest telas seller in India. 

However, Telias market is expected to see a slowdown due to the companys acquisition of Telas. 

Telemarketing, and telemarketing services have become the bigger segment of the telecom industry, and Telases are currently one of them. 

There are some reports that Telsales is already facing a stranglehold on the market due to relief from the merger. 

One business researcher, M. Venkatesh Khatri, said that the merger will make it difficult for Telas to compete with the other company. 

Though Telas could face a slowdown in its market due to the merger as well, it has to work to accelerate and grow at a fast pace. 

At the same time, the move could also help Telas expand its business in India and that could help reliability of the telsales market.