Why the Telas market is growing in 2017: A look at the latest

Telas, India’s largest telecom company, is the most profitable and valuable in the country.

It has more than 6,000 employees and earns $8.6 billion in profit each year.

In 2017, Telas said it expects to make a profit of $6.8 billion on revenue of $21.4 billion.

It reported a record $2.4 trillion net profit for the year.

The telcos earnings in 2017 came as a shock to the market, as the country has seen a slowdown in consumer spending.

The telecom industry is undergoing a huge transition.

The number of consumers switching to other services is down in comparison with years past.

That has put pressure on telcos, which are facing an unprecedented shortage of staff.

The Telas chairman, Ajay Maken, said the company is now “at the stage of transition” to a new strategy.

Maken has made it clear that the company will continue to focus on its core business and focus on the telcos future.

He said the telas business will continue “in the background” as a “part of the normal business process”.