Why you should stop eating at restaurants at home

Three years ago, I was in Thailand to work on a book, but I was not the only one.

The country is still reeling from the impact of Typhoon Phan-thong, and the food is still raw.

While I was there, we found out that many people in Thailand are getting sick from eating out at restaurants.

Now, thanks to a recent move by the Thai government, restaurants are officially closed on Friday.

So, what should you do if you want to eat out on your own?

You need to know the basics, as there are no easy answers.

Here are some things you need to remember: Do not order food from restaurants with plastic containers, or from restaurants that have been closed for extended periods of time.

The containers are toxic, and may lead to infections and illnesses.

You need medical advice before ordering food.

Do get the food from the restaurant you’re in.

It’s probably better to eat from a friend’s table than from a restaurant.

It might be better to get a large group of people, and split the cost.

Get rid of the waste that’s left behind when you eat out.

Don’t toss out food that is no longer needed, and clean up the mess.

It is much easier to clean up a restaurant if you have the money to do so.

It’s best to get food from a Thai restaurant if they offer a vegetarian menu.

Many restaurants offer vegetarian dishes, so it’s a good idea to eat there if you are vegetarian.

Eat from a local Thai place, or find one at a busy market.

There is no one to blame for not being able to get your food from somewhere.

But if you’re a busy person, there are many good Thai restaurants close by.

The best way to eat at a restaurant is by using a mobile app.

Use an app like EatFast, for example, which lets you order and pay at a mobile kiosk.

If you are unsure about a restaurant, ask the waiter.

Don ‘t order food that you do not know, as it may not be the right option for you.

Always ask about the ingredients, and if there is a special order that requires a particular order.

Follow these tips when ordering food: 1.

Know the menu: Ask the waiter or server if there’s a special menu that needs to be served.

If there isn’t, don’t waste your time.

If you can’t eat from the menu, it’s better to order from a different place that offers a vegetarian meal.


Check out the ingredients: Before ordering food, ask to see the ingredients in front of you.

If the restaurant doesn’t have them, it may be because they were removed from the market and cannot be replaced.


Order from the right place: Try to order food to the front of the restaurant.

You might be surprised at the menu options.

For example, try to order at the kitchen, or on the side of the table.

If it’s difficult to find a table, try the dining room.

It may be a great place to have dinner with a group of friends.


Do not wait to get hungry: You will get hungry if you order food at a time when there are other customers nearby.

Instead, get your order as quickly as possible, and wait in line.

If a waiter offers you a plate, ask him or her to remove the plates before you take a bite.


Don’ t make the same mistake again: There are many things that people who order from restaurants will not realize.

The restaurants often don’t offer a reservation system.

For instance, if you get a table at a Thai-style restaurant, it might not be a good choice to take a seat at the back of the dining area.

If this is the case, ask about reservation options.


Be prepared for wait times: You should know when to expect your food.

There are usually two options.

The first is to order online.

It should be a couple of hours before you can get your meal.

However, it is always better to have your order ready when you get your chance to eat.

You can do this by ordering from a place like Eat Fast or by calling the restaurant directly.


Use a mobile device: It is better to use a mobile phone than a laptop or desktop computer.

You are less likely to get lost or lost your food, and you can use the phone while eating.

If not, you might as well take the restaurant to a nearby restaurant, so you don’t have to wait at the table to eat again.


Don the shoes and coat: Some people have the urge to eat a meal from a bucket.

Don a pair of shoes or a coat and get ready to eat with your feet.


Bring your own napkin: